Dancer Zodwa Wabantu wants Fans to Respect Her

Zodwa Wabantu
Zodwa Wabantu laments about the disrespect she gets from followers in public places when she’s not performing.

A video of the entertainer went viral few days ago, and she was harassed by the people who she’s to entertain.

Speaking with Daily Sun, the businesswoman said fans should stop feeling entitled to her body.

“When I’m not working, I want to be treated normally. It’s a different story when I’m on stage, entertaining them. I understand that sometimes they get overwhelmed and act abnormally.”

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“But I hate it when people think they are entitled to touching my body and ruin my happiness when I’m out with my friends or my boyfriend. I don’t want b***** to test me. They must get off my space.”

Zodwa also refutes claims of slapping a woman who harassed her.

“I was dancing with my boyfriend and this woman kept on touching me. I asked her not to touch me. I even posted a video on Instagram, showing her spanking my bum while I was dancing with my boyfriend. I didn’t do anything. I continued dancing because I was tired of asking her not to do it. I think she is just a poverty low-thinker. If I’m in my space, don’t disturb or touch me. Rather respect and treat me as a normal person,” she explained.

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