Inside Nomcebo’s farewell ceremony in USA (Video)

South African DJ, Lamiez Holworthy expresses excitement over modelling for fashion brand, Maxhosa.

Lamiez said modelling for such a prestigious brand is a priceless moment for her, due to the hate she’s received from netizens due to her big thighs and body

“Just under a week ago, I got to not only walk for @maxhosa but I walked as their SHOWSTOPPER. Me? With my big thighs and arms, me amongst real super models,” she said.

The DJ says the event is such a big deal, and she further listed why it’s of huge importance.

1. I gained quite a bit of weight after my husband and I experienced something really traumatic just a few months ago.
2. Not only did I have to deal with our loss but I had to deal with the constant body shaming I am subjected to daily-simply because I refuse to hide behind filters and sell people dreams.
3. I’ve always stood my ground, always tried to be a beacon of hope for all those who draw inspiration from me BUT I am human before it all. These things get pretty draining.
4. THIS MOMENT? This moment belonged to every woman told their not enough. Every woman put under pressure because of society’s unrealistic standards.

“In this moment, I TOOK BACK MY POWER!!! Big thighs and all,” she concluded.



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