Lady Du’s mother and daughter serve hot dance moves (Video)

Lady Du

Lady Du gushes over her mother and daughter who were seen dancing to an amapiano song.

“Please give my mom her flowers, a star gogo this one load shedding at my grandma’s house I had my spotlight out he danced,” she captioned the video.

On Sunday, the vocalist spent quality time with her family after being discharged from the hospital.

Lady Du revealed that she fainted and all she remembered was seeing herself in the hospital; she adored her daughter upon recovering and said that the little one is the reason why she’s alive and hustling.

” spent time with my family yesterday after being discharged from hospital. I passed out in the middle of no where, all I remember is fainting, and waking up on a hospital bed.this moment right here was it for me .I remembered the only thing that keeps me alive is this human being. ”

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